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Atkinson, Seibert family
Family · 1906 - 1967

Luisa Vollmer was born in St. Jacobs, Ontario in 1865 and Jeremiah Seibert was born at Heifelberg, Ontario in 1857. Luisa Vollmer and Jeremiah Seibert married and farmed at Port Huron on the Lake Huron coast in Ontario. They had six children including Fred, Herbert, Florence, Lulu, Marguerite and Percival. In 1917, the family moved to St. Albert and had purchased land beside the Atkinson brother’s homestead where they farmed.

Thomas Atkinson came to Edmonton from Liverpool, England with his two brothers, Jim and Ted in 1907. The brothers found work in Edmonton laying foundations for the swimming pool of Edmonton’s first Y.M.C.A. and working on the sewer system. Later that year, the brothers made their first homestead west of Edmonton near Wabamun Lake. On the homestead, Thomas Atkinson had a sawmill for which he required an Engineers certificate from the Department of Public Works. In 1911, his other brother Jack came to Canada and moved to the homestead. The brothers supplied lumber for cottages built along Seba Beach. In 1913, the brothers’ sister Mary came to Canada and lived at her brothers’ homestead.

The one brother Jim as well as Mary’s future husband, Perley Cull from Seba Beach, served in WWI. The other brothers were exempt from the war on account of their importance in food production. In 1917, the brothers moved their homestead to St. Albert. They purchased the land from Arthur Sifton who was premier of Alberta. In 1920, Mary Atkinson and Perley Cull were married. Much later, in 1945, Jack Atkinson married Eunice Holmes.

On December 18, 1919, Thomas Atkinson married Florence Seibert, daughter of Jeremiah and Luisa Seibert. Florence Seibert had been working as a secretary for the Government of Alberta until she married Thomas Atkinson and consequently, she supported the farm and her husband’s work and family. Thomas Atkinson and Florence Seibert had two daughters, Helen who was born in 1921 and Gladys who was born in 1926. Helen Atkinson married Wilfred Naundorf in 1945 and the couple had three daughters. Gladys married Keith Gibson in 1946 and they had five children. In 1952, the Atkinson brothers’ farm was sold to H.R. Milner.
Thomas and Florence Atkinson moved to Edmonton after the farm was sold and Thomas Atkinson died in 1969. Florence Atkinson died in 1972. Earlier, Jeremiah Seibert died in 1955 and Luisa Seibert died in 1947.

Bellerose family
MHM · Family · 1809

The Bellerose family is one of the early and founding Metis families of the settlement of St. Albert. The family patriarch in the region was Olivier Bellerose (1809-1891) who came to the region from Quebec in 1833, in the employ of the Hudson's Bay Company. He married Josephte (Suzette) Savard and was stationed at Fort Dunvegan and Lesser Slave Lake before posting at Fort Edmonton in 1855. The family, including thirteen children, settled on the north shore of the Sturgeon River in 1859, a site later surveyed as River Lot 38. Olivier Bellerose was a member of the committee that prepared the original bylaws for St. Albert. Although settled at St. Albert, Bellerose continued to work for the Hudson's Bay Company. Olivier and Suzette Bellerose both died in 1891. Many of the descendants of the family continued to live in the St. Albert region and contributed to its development.

Edward Callihoo family
Family · 1910 -

Edward Jonas Callihoo (Callihoe) also known as Buck Jone, was born 18 Nov 1910 in Villeneuve, Alberta. His mother was Rosalie Campion, born on Turtleback Reservation in North Dakota, and his father was Adelaide St. Pierre Callihoo (nephew of Michel Callihoo). Nora Mae Borris was born 2 Dec 1914 to Annie Callihoo (daughter of Victoria Belcourt and Louis Jerome Callihoo) and Stoney Borris. Edward and Nora met at the Grey Nuns Convent in St. Albert and they were married on 10 May 1932 at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Villeneuve when Edward was 23 and Nora was 18 years old. They had six daughters: Evelyn Mary, Theresa Vivienne, Patricia, Loretta Germaine, Audrey Virginia, Linda Donna; and one son, Garry. Edward Callihoo passed away on 6 Dec 1978. Nora Callihoo died on 24 Jan 1993 from a heart condition. They are both buried in St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery in Villeneuve.

Hauptman family
MHM · Family · 1876 -

Antoni Hauptman (b. 1876, d. 1942) and Katarzyna Mielniczek (b. 1880, d.1933) lived in Poland and had twelve children, including sons Stan (Stanislaw) (d. 27 May 1963), Kelly (Kazimierz) (d. 21 Feb 1956), Joseph (Joe) (d. 27 Oct 1985), Walter, Ted (d. 21 May 1978), and Karl (Karol) (2 Jan 2017), and daughters Maria (d. 29 Aug 1996) and Antonina. Joe Hauptman married Bernice (Bronislawa) Palonek in 1936; their son Adam was born 15 Jun 1939.

In 1940, at the outbreak of the Second World War, the Hauptman family was deported to Kotlas, in far northern Siberia. One son, Frank, died of dysentery at the camp. In 1941, at the declaration of Amnesty, the Hauptman family arrived at Samarkand. The men in the Hauptman family, John, Joe, Walter, Ted and Karl, joined the Polish Army in 1942. Sadly, John did not survive the war and their elderly father, Antoni, became ill and died in Uzbekistan. Two of the brother’s wives, along with Joe’s two-year-old son, Adam, eventually travelled to Uganda where they spent the rest of the war. Several years before the war, the two oldest Hauptman brothers, Stan and Kelly, had already emigrated to Canada. They married two Ukrainian sisters from Lamont and began the first of many businesses that the family would be involved in.

Stan Hauptman moved to St. Albert and became part owner of the Bruin Inn in the late 1940s. In 1953 he opened the St. Albert Drive-In. When the Karl and Ted arrived in St. Albert, they moved into the Bruin Inn and Ted began to work in the bar. After six years of separation Joe’s wife Bernice and nine-year-old Adam finally arrived in 1948. Bernice became the cook at the Bruin Inn where she stayed until her retirement.

Ted Hauptman went on to open the Dairy Star drive-in and the very successful Klondike Inn restaurant on St. Albert Trail.

Joe Hauptman’s son, Adam Hauptman, grew up to own his own school bus business and later, he and his wife Pat bought out Lefebvre’s jewellery store in 1968 renaming it “Sweetheart Jeweller’s”.

Karl Hauptman got a job in the aircraft industry and later started his own business, “Karol Radio Repair Service”. He opened the first drive-through restaurant in St. Albert, the Klondike Inn. Karl also served on the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce, St. Albert Parish Finance Committee and as a member of the Knights of Columbus. In 1951, Karl was married to Annette (d. 18 Sep 1981) and had sons Richard (b. 24 Jul 1953) and John, and daughter Katherine (b. 18 Nov 1958). After the death of Annette, Karl remarried in Jun 1986 to Kathy Engley.

McDonald family
Family · 1917 - 2011

Alexander McDonald was born on May 2, 1869 in Ontario. His father was Angus McDonald and his mother was Catherine McPherson. He married Sarah McDonald on July 1, 1984. In 1895, Alexander McDonald purchased River Lot 8 in St. Albert, where he built the family house and barn. Alexander’s brother, Duncan George McDonald, also moved to St. Albert and purchased River Lot 9. Alexander and Sarah McDonald had four children: Christina (Tena) Catherine, Romeo (Romey) Alexander, Jeannette Anne, and Angus. Alexander McDonald passed away on December 28, 1940 and Sarah McDonald passed away on March 24, 1945—both are buried in the St. Albert Cemetery.

Christina (Tena) McDonald was born on July 18, 1896. She worked as a nurse at the Innisfail Hospital in the 1940’s and worked as a nurse’s aide at the St. Albert Youville Home in the 1950’s. She also worked for a short time for the Sisters of the Assumption in Battleford, Saskatchewan. She retired to the Youville Home in 1979, and passed away on October 1, 1983.

Romeo (Romey) McDonald was born May 8, 1898. On July 11, 1934, he married Kathleen McDaniel, born on July 2, 1907 in Belfast, Ireland, to Patrick and Bridget McDaniel. They had eight children: Patrick Alexander (b. 1935), Brian Donald (b. 1936), Desmond Joseph (b. 1938), Frank Anthony (b. 1939), Jeannette Bridget (b. 1942), Kevin Emmet (b. 1944), Sarah Alexandra (b. 1946), and John Gerald (1947). The family lived on River Lot 8. Romeo McDonald passed away on February 17, 1982 and Kathleen McDaniel passed away on April 11, 1983.

Sister Jeannette McDonald was born August 31, 1902. In 1923, she entered the novitiate of the Sisters of the Assumption at Nicolet, Quebec, and became known as Sister Marguerite d’Ecosse. She taught in in schools around Alberta and Saskatchewan from 1926 to 1968. In 1977, Sister Jeannette retired to the convent in St. Paul, but entered the Youville Home in St. Albert following a stroke. She passed away on March 2, 1983.

Angus James McDonald James was born June 7, 1905. He married Cecile Veness in February 1938 and they had two children, Joan and Donald. Cecile Veness was born on July 13, 1909 to Walter Veness and Rose Anna Leonard. Both were involved in the St. Albert community. Angus McDonald was a member of the Lions Club and the Knights of Columbus. Starting in 1958, he also served as a trustee for the St. Albert School District No. 3, and he later became chairman of the Board of Trustees until 1961. Cecile Veness belonged to the Women’s Institute, the Altar Society, the Catholic Women’s League, and the St. Albert 4-H Clothing Club.

Ouimet family
MHM · Family · 1869 -

Leda Provost, born on January 6, 1869, was from St. Charles, Quebec. She has 13 siblings and she was the eleventh child. In 1891 she married Joseph Adelard Ouimet at St. Rose Conte in Laval, Quebec. In 1892, the family moved to St. Albert, Alberta and farmed in Ray, also known as Glengarry or the Villeneuve district. The couple had eleven children including Emile Ouimet (1891-1891), Marie Bertha Emelda Ouimet (1892-1892), Joseph Roul Willie Ouimet (1893-1975), Yvonne Adele Ouimet (1896-1974), Marie Angelina Florina Ouimet (1897-1930), Filex Alfred (1899-1982), Marie Lina Ida Ouimet (1902-1979), Marie Leda Ouimet (1903-1903), Joseph Adelard Emile Alexis Ouimet (1904-1967), Marie Blanche Alice Ouimet (1905-1905) and Joseph Amede Simon Ouimet (1908-1978). Joseph Adelard Ouimet died July 1920 from a heart attack and Leda Ouimet died on February 1, 1930 from lung cancer.
WIlliam Ouimet married Ruth McDonnell on January 9, 1939, The couple had two children, Anita and Ralph.
Adele Ouimet married Theodore Comeau in November 1916. The couple had no children and lived in Legal and Villeneuve.
Florina Ouimet married Joseph Savoie in 1916 and had five children: Ed, Armand, Jeanne, Edith and Alice. She died at the age of 34.
Alfred Ouimet married Jeanne Monpetit of Legal in June 1924 and they had seven children. They owned a store and hotel in Pickardville and retired to Vancouver in the 1950s.
Lena Ouimet married Euclid Blais in April 1929. They farmed in the Pickardville area and then moved to Edmonton.
Alexis Ouimet married Lucile Mireault in July 17, 1928. The couple had six children: Adelard, Hubert, Alexia, Bernadette, Laurier and Denis. The family farmed north of Villeneuve and named their farm the River Dale Farm.
Simon Ouimet married Julia Verstraete on July 5, 1939. They farmed on Leda and Adelard's homestead. Their four children included Simone, Mona, Linda and Paul.

Romanko family

Maria Alina Łukaszewicz was born in 1925 in the village of Haciszcze Wielkie in Poland. Her parents were Antonina and Władysław Łukaszewicz. She was taken away to a camp in Siberia called Poldniewica with her family in February of 1940. At this camp in Siberia, Maria Łukaszewicz met her future husband Aleksander Romanko. After several years in an isolated forced labor camp, Łukaszewicz joined an exodus of Polish civilians through the southern USSR (including another stop of several months of forced labor in Uzbekistan) into Persia and southern Africa, where she lived in a Polish refugee camp in Rhodesia for several years, and the United Kingdom. In 1948 in the United Kingdom, she was reunited with Aleksander Romanko and they were married on April 30, 1949. In 1951, her first son was born, Bogumił, and in 1954 her second son was born, Lech Julian. She arrived in Canada in 1955 and the family lived at a friend’s place and rented a farm at Mystery Lake, Alberta. The family later moved to Edmonton where Maria Romanko studied education at the University of Alberta. In 1957, Maria Romanko was given a position as schoolteacher at Father Jan School in St. Albert, Alberta and she later taught at Vital Grandin School, St. Albert, Alberta. In 1960, she gave birth to a third son, Marek and in this same year, the family moved from Edmonton to St. Albert. While teaching, Romanko pursued a Bachelor of Education part-time and she earned the degree in 1968. In 1980, Romanko left Vital Grandin School and began teaching at Albert Lacombe School, St. Albert, Alberta. She retired in 1985.

Maria Romanko and her husband were actively involved in Polish Canadian community organizations. Some of the organizations in which Romanko participated included the Edmonton Polish Students Club, Polish Culture Society, Polish Academic Club, Polish Women’s Federation, St. Teresa Mission Circle, Sodality, and the Polish Combatants Association. The Romanko’s also played a key role in the development of a Polish Bilingual Program in Edmonton. During her teaching career, she would include Polish heritage in her students’ studies. To assist in her teachings on Polish heritage, Romanko wrote and published Polish Heritage in Alberta as well as an accompanying workbook. She had a unit on Polish heritage accepted as a Social Studies unit for Alberta Public Schools. In 1989, Romanko volunteered in the archives for the Polish community of Edmonton. After working on the archives for three years, she wrote an article in 1991 entitled “Opening of the Canadian Polish Congress Archives”, published in Heritage Links. In 1993, she worked in the archives for the Polish Holy Rosary Parish.

Rowland family
Family · 1870 -

Sam Rowland (1870-1974) married Eleanor Plante (1888-1975) Two of their children are James Rowland (b. 1911), Emily Rowland and Francis Rowland. Emily Rowland married a Selvage, and they had a son Reginald Selvage. Reg Selvage had two daughters with Violet Owad (née McRae): Dianne Lorraine Owad (b. 12 Sep 1959) and Sandra Leigh Owad (n. 13 Dec 1962). Reg Selvage also had a son from another relationship, David Selvage.