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Fowler, Richard
Person · 1932 - July 2012

Richard Fowler was born in Edson, Alberta in 1932. His parents were George Frederick of New Brunswick and Adeline Alice Gray, a Métis from Manitoba. Richard Fowler attended primary school in Rumsey, Alberta. In 1958, he moved with his wife Vera to St Albert. The couple had five children. In the early 1960s, Richard Fowler was a salesman of commercial heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. By 1963, he gained a seat on the council of St Albert and in 1965 he became mayor of St Albert. His first term as mayor ended in 1968 and in 1969 he began to work towards a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta. By 1976, Richard Fowler obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences and a LL.B. Following his schooling, from 1980 to 1989, Richard Fowler held the position of mayor of the City of St. Albert for three terms. Then, in 1989 he won an election for the position of Member of Legislative Assembly for the Province of Alberta under the Progressive Conservative Party. During his term as Member of Legislative Assembly, he served as Solicitor General, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Minister Responsible for Native Affairs and Justice Minister. He ran for a second term as Member of Legislative Assembly in 1993 but lost the election to Len Bracko. In December 1993, Fowler’s wife Vera Fowler died. In 1994 Richard Fowler became a family court judge. Various accomplishments during his lifetime include various public works such as Sturgeon General Hospital, St Albert’s provincial building, St Albert’s courthouse and Alberta Winter Games in St Albert during the 1970s. Richard Fowler’s second marriage was to Dawne Adeline Pusher. Richard Fowler died on July 8, 2012.

Fyfe, Myrna
MHM · Person · 1941 -

Myrna Catherine Fyfe was born Aug. 20, 1941. She was the first female municipal councillor and provincial MLA for St. Albert. She served as a member of the St. Albert municipal council from 1973-1977 and for two terms as a Member of Legislative Assembly for the St. Albert Constituency from 1979-1986. Fyfe also served as President of the University Hospital Foundation for 22 year.

Geddes, David R.

David R. Geddes was born and raised in Scotland and left school at the age of 14 to find work. In his early years he worked as a fireman for British Rail in Scotland. He was drafted into the British Army at the age of 18 and sent to London. During his 18 months of mandatory service Geddes was posted to Egypt where he helped guard the Suez Canal. Following his military service Geddes moved to Canada accepting a job as clerk in the fur trade with the Hudson’s Bay Company. He worked throughout the Northwest Territories before switching jobs again to work in a gold mine north of Yellowknife. Another opportunity found him working as an aircraft dispatcher on the DEW Line airlift north of the Arctic Circle. At the age of 25, Geddes decided to go back to school for upgrading. He was admitted to the University of Alberta graduating in 1966. He accepted a job at the new Paul Kane High School in St. Albert, Alberta as teacher and librarian, a job he held for 30 years. Geddes is past president of the St. Albert Historical Society and has a passion for writing about history. In 2005, Geddes was awarded the Alberta Centennial Medal, honouring outstanding Albertans. In 2011, he was recognized by the City of St. Albert for his contribution to the Arts. David Geddes has lived in St. Albert since 1966.

Goed, Mabel
MHM · Person · 30 Jan 1928 - 27 Feb 2016

Mabel Goed (nee Saffin) was born on Jan 30, 1928 to parents Mark Saffin and Albertine L'Hirondelle in Morinville, Alberta. She attended Tellier School and graduated high school from Notre Dame Convent and she attended McTavish Business College. Mabel Saffin married John Goed on May 26, 1955.

Corporate body · 1995

The Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns) arrived in St. Albert from Lac Ste. Anne in 1863 and construction of a small convent that served as schoolhouse and hospital when needed was completed in 1864. St. Albert Roman Catholic Public District No. 3 was formed in 1885, and was later known as St. Albert Catholic School District No. 3. In 1995, the Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division No. 29 was formed with the amalgamation of three formerly independent school jurisdictions of St. Albert, Morinville, and Legal. On July 1, 2012, legislation came into effect which changed Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools status from "public" to "separate", and resulted in a legal name change to Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 734. Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools services the communities of St. Albert, Morinville and Legal as well as the districts of Cardiff, Cunningham and Guilbault.

Harnois, Gerard
Person · Sept. 7, 1924 - May 27, 1992

Gerard Joseph Harnois was born in Sept. 7, 1924 to Antoine Harnois and Elizabeth Prince. He is the great-grandnephew of Father Albert Lacombe. Gerard Harnois' grandmother was Father Lacombe's sister, Christine. Harnois joined the Canadian army on Jan. 21, 1944 to serve in the Second World War. He later re-enlisted in Jan. 23, 1948 to fight in the Korean War and served with Lord Strathcona's Horse, and he was a peacekeeper during the Suez Crisis in Egypt. He retired as a Chief Warrant Officer on May 31, 1969. Harnois received a number of military decorations including the France and Germany Star, the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal, the 1939-1945 Medal, the Korean Medal, and the UN Service Medal, among others. Harnois lived in Calgary but moved back to St. Albert in 1982. He worked at the Vital Grandin Centre doing maintenance work as well as a part-time curator, giving tours of public displays at the centre. Gerard Harnois married Doris Evelyn Brault, daughter of Eugene Brault and Maria Dubuc, on Nov. 10, 1948. He had one daughter, Louise, and one son, Philip.

Hauptman family
MHM · Family · 1876 -

Antoni Hauptman (b. 1876, d. 1942) and Katarzyna Mielniczek (b. 1880, d.1933) lived in Poland and had twelve children, including sons Stan (Stanislaw) (d. 27 May 1963), Kelly (Kazimierz) (d. 21 Feb 1956), Joseph (Joe) (d. 27 Oct 1985), Walter, Ted (d. 21 May 1978), and Karl (Karol) (2 Jan 2017), and daughters Maria (d. 29 Aug 1996) and Antonina. Joe Hauptman married Bernice (Bronislawa) Palonek in 1936; their son Adam was born 15 Jun 1939.

In 1940, at the outbreak of the Second World War, the Hauptman family was deported to Kotlas, in far northern Siberia. One son, Frank, died of dysentery at the camp. In 1941, at the declaration of Amnesty, the Hauptman family arrived at Samarkand. The men in the Hauptman family, John, Joe, Walter, Ted and Karl, joined the Polish Army in 1942. Sadly, John did not survive the war and their elderly father, Antoni, became ill and died in Uzbekistan. Two of the brother’s wives, along with Joe’s two-year-old son, Adam, eventually travelled to Uganda where they spent the rest of the war. Several years before the war, the two oldest Hauptman brothers, Stan and Kelly, had already emigrated to Canada. They married two Ukrainian sisters from Lamont and began the first of many businesses that the family would be involved in.

Stan Hauptman moved to St. Albert and became part owner of the Bruin Inn in the late 1940s. In 1953 he opened the St. Albert Drive-In. When the Karl and Ted arrived in St. Albert, they moved into the Bruin Inn and Ted began to work in the bar. After six years of separation Joe’s wife Bernice and nine-year-old Adam finally arrived in 1948. Bernice became the cook at the Bruin Inn where she stayed until her retirement.

Ted Hauptman went on to open the Dairy Star drive-in and the very successful Klondike Inn restaurant on St. Albert Trail.

Joe Hauptman’s son, Adam Hauptman, grew up to own his own school bus business and later, he and his wife Pat bought out Lefebvre’s jewellery store in 1968 renaming it “Sweetheart Jeweller’s”.

Karl Hauptman got a job in the aircraft industry and later started his own business, “Karol Radio Repair Service”. He opened the first drive-through restaurant in St. Albert, the Klondike Inn. Karl also served on the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce, St. Albert Parish Finance Committee and as a member of the Knights of Columbus. In 1951, Karl was married to Annette (d. 18 Sep 1981) and had sons Richard (b. 24 Jul 1953) and John, and daughter Katherine (b. 18 Nov 1958). After the death of Annette, Karl remarried in Jun 1986 to Kathy Engley.