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Fowler, Richard

  • Person
  • 1932 - July 2012

Richard Fowler was born in Edson, Alberta in 1932. His parents were George Frederick of New Brunswick and Adeline Alice Gray, a Métis from Manitoba. Richard Fowler attended primary school in Rumsey, Alberta. In 1958, he moved with his wife Vera to St Albert. The couple had five children. In the early 1960s, Richard Fowler was a salesman of commercial heating, air conditioning and refrigeration. By 1963, he gained a seat on the council of St Albert and in 1965 he became mayor of St Albert. His first term as mayor ended in 1968 and in 1969 he began to work towards a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta. By 1976, Richard Fowler obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences and a LL.B. Following his schooling, from 1980 to 1989, Richard Fowler held the position of mayor of the City of St. Albert for three terms. Then, in 1989 he won an election for the position of Member of Legislative Assembly for the Province of Alberta under the Progressive Conservative Party. During his term as Member of Legislative Assembly, he served as Solicitor General, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Minister Responsible for Native Affairs and Justice Minister. He ran for a second term as Member of Legislative Assembly in 1993 but lost the election to Len Bracko. In December 1993, Fowler’s wife Vera Fowler died. In 1994 Richard Fowler became a family court judge. Various accomplishments during his lifetime include various public works such as Sturgeon General Hospital, St Albert’s provincial building, St Albert’s courthouse and Alberta Winter Games in St Albert during the 1970s. Richard Fowler’s second marriage was to Dawne Adeline Pusher. Richard Fowler died on July 8, 2012.

Damase [Dan] Bouvier

  • Person
  • 1898 - 1977

Damase Bouvier was born July 23, 1898 in St. Damase, Québec. He had eight siblings and his family moved to Massachusetts. At approximately age 14, Bouvier moved to Lac LaBiche, Alberta.

Early in his career, he worked as a train operator for the railroad on the line between Edmonton and Waterways, which has now been amalgamated into Fort McMurray. He later went into the poultry business in Northern Alberta until W.W.II. broke out.

Damase Bouvier had married Cecile Wilson and they had four children; one boy and three girls.

On January 10 1942, Bouvier was hired by the National Film Board (NFB) as a rural circuit projectionist to show NFB films to communities in Northern Alberta. In this position, he discussed with parishes what films were needed, advised film councils and taught people how to use film projectors. He later acquired professional recording equipment and produced a program named "Talent from the Towns." The program captured folk music from Northern Alberta and was aired on CKUA at the University of Alberta on Friday evenings. He was active in helping orphans during his time at the National Film Board as he would volunteer his time to show films for free to orphanages around Northern Alberta where he was working. He worked for NFB until he retired at age 65. In his retirement he made souvenir discs from his recordings and the souvenir discs were distributed to the people he recorded.

Damase Bouvier died November 23, 1977.

Big Lake Environment Support Society

  • Corporate body
  • 1991-

St. Albert physician, Dr. Fin Fairfield, founded the Big Lake Environment Support Society (B.L.E.S.S.) in 1991. The non-profit organization had 23 founding members. Their aim was to raise interest of the public in Big Lake and protect the natural wildlife on or near the lake, as well as making available recreation activities at the lake including walking trails, canoe trips and bird watching. On January 10, 2002 the organization was named the provincial stewards for the Big Lake natural park which had been designated Special Places site in 2000. In 2005, the site became a provincial park and was named Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park.

Activities of the organization include over ten years of bird count records for the Big Lake area. In 2006 they implemented a water quality monitoring program, obtaining baseline water quality data for Big Lake, its inlets and outlet. B.L.E.S.S. have built a viewing platform at the lake and a shelter on the Red Willow Park Trail. They have added signage relating to bird species at the lake. With help from Alberta Parks, they installed a web camera on the shores of Big Lake. They were active in the protest of the West Bypass road. B.L.E.S.S. also sponsors summer education programs hosted at the cabin at St. Albert Trail and Sturgeon Road.

B.L.E.S.S. has received two awards, the Alberta Emerald Award for Environmental Excellence and the 2005 Steward Service Excellence Award. The society has nominated Big Lake for the Special Places 2000 program and the Important Bird Areas program.

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