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Woodward, Florence Mae

  • Person
  • 3 Aug 1927 -

Florence Mae Woodward (nee Miller) was born in Winterburn on August 3, 1927 to Henry Charles Miller and Maria Amanda Gagne. She married Cecil Archibald Woodward at St. Stephen's College Chapel, University of Alberta, in 1953. She had three children: Lynne Jane Woodward (b. 5 Apr 1954), Katherine Anne Woodward (b. 21 Nov 1955), and William Arlie Woodward (b. 31 Oct 1957).

Williams, Marion

  • Person
  • 1894 - 14 Sep. 1969

Marion Letitia Williams, nee Peacock, was born at Blackburn in Lancashire, England in 1894. She was mostly known as the wife of cattleman, Lee Williams, who she married on December 20, 1919, and had one son, Jack Leland Redavats Williams. After a long battle with cancer, she died on September 14, 1969 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Williams, Leland

  • Person
  • 14 May 1892 - 27 Sep. 1982

Leland "Lee" Stanford Williams was born on May 14, 1982 at Washington in Dutchess, New York. He is most known as the co-founder and principal of Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. from December 11, 1925 up until his death on September 27, 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta. He married once to Marion Letitia Peacock on December 20, 1919, with whom he had one son, Jack Leland Redavats Williams.

Williams, Jack

  • Person
  • 25 Oct. 1923 - 27 Feb. 2013

Jack Leland Redavats (Riudavets) Williams, born on October 25, 1923 in Edmonton, Alberta as the only son of cattleman, Lee Williams. Between 1946-1949. he graduated with an honours degree in chemistry from the University of Alberta, a doctorate degree in organic chemistry from the University of Illinois, and a DuPont PhD fellowship from the University of Wisconsin. He worked in the Chemical Division at Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories for many years, eventually achieving Senior Division Head in Rochester, New York. On October 7, 1952, he married Helen Mary Quigley and had 5 children, Leland, Mark, Jack, Julie, and Janet. After separating from his wife in 1982, and a brief relationship with Ursula Krauch of Heidelberg, Germany, he spent his remaining years with life partner, Leona Pritchard from 1997 until his death on February 27, 2013 in St. Albert, Alberta.

Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd.

  • 2015.01
  • Corporate body
  • 11 Dec. 1925 -

Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. of the North Edmonton Stockyards is one of the oldest cattle-commission firms in Canada. The company was chartered to buy and sell, import and export, and slaughter cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry and all other livestock and livestock products. As well, they acquired ranches and farms to carry on the trade of livestock rearing and manufacturing, and erected buildings necessary for the purposes of the company’s business.

In 1911, Leland Stanford Williams moved from New York to Edmonton to work for Swift & Company where he started in construction work, but later progressed to handle Swift’s livestock department. In 1916, Swift Canadian Co. transferred Williams to work in Winnipeg, where his talent in the livestock commission business was recognized by Henry Weiller. In 1917, Williams began working with Weiller in a livestock commission business named, Wood, Weiller & McCarthy in Edmonton. When McCarthy of the partnership resigned, the company was renamed.

Thus, on December 11, 1925, Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. was co-founded by the two. Since the founding, Weiller and Williams built a strong relationship with Weiller responsible for the financial backing, and Williams on the livestock commission frontline. By 1927, in addition to the main stake in Edmonton, Weiller and Williams had opened offices in Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, St. Paul (Minnesota), and Chicago (Illinois). The company later expanded to additional branches in Lloydminster (Saskatchewan) and Fargo (North Dakota). When Weiller passed away in 1956, Williams took over as the principal of the company.

Walker, Ron

  • 2009.10
  • Person
  • n.d.

Ron Walker worked on renovations of the Vital Grandin Centre, also known as the Bishop’s Palace in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He supervised the restoration that was conducted in the old building which was originally erected in 1882.

Vaugeois, Pauline

  • MHM
  • Person

Pauline Vaugeois moved to St. Albert with her parents, Maurice and Bernadette, in 1950. It was shortly afterwards that she began to work in the Girl Guide movement, a commitment that continued for over 50 years. Vaugeois was the Edmonton Area Girl Guides District Commissioner from 1969 to 1975. Her duties in this role included attending meetings, partaking in decision-making, liaising with the national and international Girl Guides organization, and organizing and attending events. Vaugeois was also a member of the Circle Francophone, and Secretary of C.U.P.E. in addition to being a student of psychology at the University of Alberta. She was named Citizen of the Year of St. Albert in 1977. She has also been a prominent member of the First Tamarac Area Council as well as the local level.

Sturgeon Toastmistress Club

  • MHM
  • Corporate body
  • 1970 - 1996

The International Toastmistress Clubs was founded in California, USA in 1938 to promote the public speaking and leadership abilities of women. The St. Albert local chapter, Sturgeon Toastmistress Club, formed its initial interim executive in 1970 and held its first organizational meeting on Feb. 26, 1970. The first official executive included Marian Ladell as President, Laurie Saunders as first vice-president, Marie Neidig as secretary, and Margaret Doepal as treasurer. Deputy Mayor John de Bruin signed a proclamation naming the week of Oct. 25-31, 1970 as “Toastmistress Week.” On Nov. 26, 1975, Ted Langford the first male member was inducted into the club, and he later became president. In 1981, And Mayor Richard Fowler recognized the club by proclaiming October as "Toastmistress Month." In 1985, the parent organization was renamed International Training in Communication or ITC. The St. Albert club was disbanded in 1996.

Sturgeon Community Hospital

  • MHM
  • Corporate body
  • 1969 -

Sturgeon General Hospital opened in 1969 on McKenney Avenue, but efforts to bring an active treatment hospital to St. Albert began in 1962. As St. Albert and other surrounding communities were denied by the provincial government, a coalition was formed to request a regional hospital, which in 1965 was granted, creating the Sturgeon General Hospital District No. 100. The Sturgeon General Hospital officially opened in August 1970. The Sturgeon General Hospital building on McKenney Avenue was closed in 1992 following the construction of a new facility on the north edge of the city and then demolished in 1997 (beginning work on 6 Mar 1997). The old structure was full of asbestos and thus considered unsafe.

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