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Fire insurance map of St. Albert, 1914

The maps date to 1916 and were printed in Winnipeg by the Western Canada Fire Underwriters' Association. The first is a large scale map of downtown St. Albert with inset of the larger area. The second is a map of Mission Hill in St. Albert showing the location of all buildings. Map dispatched in 1935 to Leo Beland.

Subdivision of lot 23, 1913

A copy of a surveyor's map of St. Albert produced by the Government of Alberta in Edmonton, 1913. The copy is on beige paper with black printing and diagrams showing lots and streets for the year 1913. The map has been signed by several St. Albert town members. Also depicts streets, 1st ave to 6th ave, Railway ave, Hogan ave, Brosseau ave. Canadian northern railway line also shown.

St. Albert land survey plan, 1928

A copy of a St. Albert land survey plan produced by the province of Alberta in 1928. The copy is on beige paper with black print and shows parcel lots 27 A, B, C, D, and E. The plan has been signed by several people on May 16, 1929. Two seal marks have been stamped on. Riverlots 23-26 and 28-32 also shown.

Map of the world, 1943

Cream colour paper 1943 map of the world. The countries are coloured and water is blue. Scale is 1:40,000,000. Principal railroads are in red. In the bottom left-hand corner is a small world map showing WWI allies in yellow, central powers in red and others in green. In the bottom right-hand corner is a small world map showing WWII United Nations & Associates in yellow, The Axis in pink, other countries involved in green and neutral countries in white.

Oil pipeline survey, 1957

A copy of an oil pipeline right of way plan produced by Gibson Crude Oil Purchasing Company in Edmonton, 1957. The copy is on beige paper with black print. The plan shows survey of the pipeline through several river lots in Alberta and the St. Albert Settlement.

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