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City of St. Albert fonds
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Commemorative ribbons file

This file consists of four commemorative participant ribbons for the opening of St. Albert Place on June 3, 1984. The ribbons read: Participant, First, Second, and Third.

Proposal for St. Albert Place pamphlet file

This file consists of a pamphlet provided by the City of St. Albert about the construction of St. Albert Place including its purpose, building specifications, funding sources, and construction budget.

Civic centre administration report file

This file consists of two reports by the Ad Hoc Committee on the Civic Centre Administration. This Ad Hoc Committee was established in 1982 by City Council, and included Mayor Richard Fowler, Adermen Bakker and Shields, and City Manager Tom McKay. Its purpose was to make recommendations to City Council on the organization for the new Civic and Cultural Centre (St. Albert Place).

Our Cultural Roots file

This file consists of a booklet titled "Our Cultural Roots: an exhibition designed to celebrate the opening of St. Albert Place and the people who gave St. Albert its cultural roots." The exhibit was on the third floor and ran from June 1-10, 1984. The booklet contains information on the early years of St. Albert, formation of cultural groups, cultural growth through municipal services, cultural services, historical resources, literary arts, and arts and the community.

Summary report of the civic facilities file

This file consists of the summary report of the Civic Facilities by the Ad Hoc Committee. The report includes Committee recommendations related to basic issues, summary of proposed facilities as to size, cost and need, financial implications, and required future actions.

Cultural services first year of operation report

This file consists of a report on the first year of operation of Cultural Services in St. Albert Place as it relates to the guidelines established by the Ad Hoc Committee on Civic Administration. Submitted by Carol Watamaniuk, manager of Cultural Services.

Town of St. Albert zoning regulations file

This file consists of zoning regulations of the Town of St. Albert from January 1955. The regulations were passed March 20, 1953, signed by J. Peron the Chairman and H. Vague the Secretary.

1986 Economic Review report

This file consists of a pamphlet titled "1982 Economic Review." The pamphlet contains a brief overview of information and statistics on St. Albert's natural resources, industry, retail and services, construction, populations and labour force, transportation, government services, and quality of life. The pamphlet is created by the Economic Development Department of St. Albert.

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