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Archway of Mission Park

Image shows the wooden steps leading up to the church, the tennis courts, the third church (1921), and the Youville home (1919), looking north to Mission Hill, through the archway on Memorial Avenue.

St. Albert

This photograph shows the view of St. Albert looking south from Mission Hill. This photograph was taken for the purpose of being displayed in an exhibit.

Mission Park

Image shows dirt road curving uphill with saplings planted on either side and tennis courts shown mid-way up the hill. Taken from the bottom of Mission Hill looking north. Image used in The Black Robe's Vision page 472.

Villeneuve station and people

Image shows the station agents' picnic at the Villeneuve station (families would assemble each Sunday for outings). Back row, from left: Mr. Artyniuk (section foreman, St. Albert), Casper Holwa, unidentified boys, Albert Holwa (seated), Pete Kushor (section foreman, Villeneuve), Stacey Panchyshyn, ? Bobco, Anne Poloway, John Panchyshyn, Philip Poloway. Front row: Mrs. Kushor, Mrs. Artyniuk, Katherine Panchyshyn (wife of John Panchyshyn), Mrs. Pete Strogryn, the rest unknown. Also seen in the image is the grain elevators in Villeneuve Image used in The Black Robe's Vision page 248.

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